Classified Advertising: Follow The AIDA Formula For Success

Published: 16th April 2009
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Writing classified ads really is easier than you think. All you have to do is follow a simple formula called AIDA.

AIDA means:

A - Attention
I - Interest
D - Desire
A - Action

Follow this formula, and you will increase the chance of getting readers to take action on your ads.

To get Attention, you need to focus on the headline of your ad. Your ad is the first thing your readers will see. To get your ad read, you need give your readers a reason to read it. Focus on the main benefit of your product in the headline.

You will generate Interest in your product in the first part of your ad. This is a good time to offer another benefit unless you're writing classifieds for a newspaper or pay per click. Because these types of ads are short, you won't be able to add another benefit. Simply give your potential customers another reason for wanting to find out more about your product.

For other ads, this is where you will try to remove the potential customers' objections to the purchase. Let your potential customers know what will happen if they don't purchase your product, i.e., show them what their lives will be like once they've bought it, how it fulfilled their dreams.

Now that you've gotten their attention, and you've shown them how the product will help them fulfill their dreams, then you need to give them a reason, or Desire, to purchase your product. This is where you will emphasize the biggest and best benefits of your product.

By now you should have your potential customers excited about buying from you. Now you want them to take the final step, which is Action.

In the action stage, you want to tell them what to do, i.e. visit your website, subscribe to your list, download something, etc. The point is, get your potential customers to do something. This is the step that advertisers most often leave out, and it costs them sales.

Follow these steps, include them in your ads, and it will increase your conversions and sales.

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